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Total Deficits and Surpluses

Updated Budget Projections: 2019 to 2029

The Federal Budget in CBO's Extended Baseline

The 2018 Long-Term Budget Outlook

Monthly Budget Review for May 2019

Fair-Value Estimates of the Cost of Federal Credit Programs in 2020

Federal Health Insurance Subsidies

Federal Subsidies for Health Insurance Coverage for People Under Age 65: 2019 to 2029

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Report on the Troubled Asset Relief Program—April 2019

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Final Sequestration Report for Fiscal Year 2019

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An Analysis of the Navy's Fiscal Year 2019 Shipbuilding Plan

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Public Spending on Transportation and Water Infrastructure, 1956 to 2017

United States Capitol Building in Washington, DC

Estimated Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Employment and Economic Output in 2014


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  • Cost Estimate
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  • Cost Estimate
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CBO is strictly nonpartisan; conducts objective, impartial analysis; and hires its employees solely on the basis of professional competence without regard to political affiliation. CBO does not make policy recommendations, and each report and cost estimate summarizes the methodology underlying the analysis.
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